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Last of the snow. When enough, is too much.

Last shots featuring the white stuff from me for a few months. A few blue, hot, bright and sunny months! These shots were taken days before spring finally set in and the snow started to melt! I took these while driving to my work place one early afternoon. The fog on that day was something else!…. The weather changed quite drastically that week. Resulting in many fields being waterlogged. I did run these pictures through Photoshop, but to be honest i think i went a little too far on the processing…What do you think? When is enough, enough?


Matthew Watkins Sat Apr 30 4:55pm


Is That The Postman Dear?

April 27, 2011 2 comments

Finally, it has arrived! well, it arrived 3 weeks ago but only now i have my hands on it. The B+W ND11 3.0. What an amazing slab of glass. Its heavy too! i really was not expecting that! I have a few ND filters, but being the amateur i am, i picked up the cheapest ones i could find. Boy do i regret it now. I had a ND2 Nd4 and an ND8 by a company called digital filter……… i think they were 8 euros for the 3. What can you expect. They served their purpose anyways, i had some practice out of them, a few ideas and hopefully all my mistakes. I doubt it mind, mistakes are always there lurking, and your bound to make a few, but that’s what mikes the good stuff worth while. I also have a cheap polorizing filter, its from a company called Kenko. That set me back 12 euros, but its OK. Its a circular and, for what I’m using it for, it does its job. But, I figured it was time to spalsh some cash, build on the kit and pick up this filter! Man I’ve been searching out pictures of this filter at every opportunity and my god, there are some crackers out on Flickr! It was at a reasonable price when i searched for it, so decided to go for it! Its 52mm diamiter as both my lens’ the 18-55 vr 3.6f and the 50mm 1.8f are 52mm in diamiter. Now, from what i have been reading, the more common thing to do is to buy a 72mm filter and buy step down rings to fit your other lens’. Too much trouble for me, so I opted to do it this way. If, or when i get a larger diamiter lens, and i would like to use the 110 with that, i will get a larger one, but until then… I’m happy. So from what i can gather, this bad boy sets me back 10 f stops, perfect for long exposures. here is a chart that i have found on the net that kinda explains the purpose of this filter….

No Filter    With Filter
30sec          8H 32min
25sec          7H 6min 40sec
20sec         5H 41min 20sec
15sec          4H 16min
13sec          3H 41min 52sec
10sec         2H 50min 40sec
8sec           2H 16min 32sec
6sec           1H 42min 24sec
5sec           1H 25min 20sec
4sec           1H 8min 16sec
3sec           51min 12sec
2.5sec       42min 40sec
2sec          34min 8sec
1.6sec       27min 19sec
1.3sec       22min 12sec
1sec          17min 4sec
1/1.3sec   13min 8sec
1/1.6sec   10min 40sec
1/2sec      8min 32sec
1/2.5sec   6min 50sec
1/3sec      5min 42sec
1/4sec      4min 16sec
1/5sec      3min 25sec
1/6sec      2min 51sec
1/8sec      2min 8sec
1/10sec    1min 43sec

1/13sec     1min 19sec
1/15sec     1min 9sec
1/20sec     52sec
1/25sec     41sec
1/30sec     34sec
1/40sec     26sec
1/50sec     21sec
1/60sec     17sec
1/80sec     13sec
1/100sec   11sec
1/125sec    9sec
1/160sec    6.4sec
1/200sec   5.1sec
1/250sec   4sec
1/320sec   3.2sec
1/400sec   2.5sec
1/500sec   2sec
1/640sec    1.6sec
1/800sec    1.3sec
1/1000sec  1sec
1/1250sec    0.82sec
1/1600sec    0.64sec
1/2000sec   0.51sec
1/2500sec   0.40sec
1/3200sec   0.32sec
1/4000sec   0.25sec

The idea i had behind buying this filter was that my love of photography is Long Exposures. As i have said in other posts i love setting up a scene, clicking the shutter, and waiting for the finished results. So, to do really good long exposures, it helps if there’s not a lot of natural light present. Living in Finland, the winter time does not pose a threat to this, there is 3-5 hours of sunlight MAX for 2 months of the year, so then long exposures can be taken most of the day. But, Summer is fast approaching! So that means 24 hour sunlight! For approx 1 month of the year anyway, so that got me thinking. Hopefully this is the answer. I will post more about the filter and the process after i have had the chance to use it! I am so looking forward to it!


Matthew Watkins Wed Apr 27 9:04pm

Sunset and Sandwiches.

I’m not going to say too much for this post. The images say all i could ever try too. All i can say is that im happy i had the chance to post again. Ive had my hands full for the last few weeks so i have not really been inspired enough to post, or had good enough shots to post. But then came Easter. Along with some spare time. So off i went into the sunset, without ample clothing and without my sandwiches…..


Matthew Watkins Wed Apr 27 2:03pm

Cold Sunset Breakthrough




I have been hoping for a break in this creative laziness or lack of inspiration. Who would have guessed it would come in the form of shooting the sunset being way under dressed for the freezing conditions and to top it all off having the butt end of man flu for 2 weeks. But I pushed through and got out to do some shooting. These photos are from my iPhone and are not the finished products. They will be posted tomorrow with a splash of luck. I just needed to break the ice as I haven’t blogged for a while. Also this is my first post from my iPhone using wordpress iOS. And mite I say it’s been a cool easy experience….maybe a few more are needed. Oh well. Have a great day and check back for the sunset shots if you want too!

Replot Bridge

April 6, 2011 2 comments

Replot Bridge. The Longest Bridge in Finland is 1,045 meters (3,428 ft) long and  has two supporting pylons are both 82.5 m (271 ft) high. The bridge took 4 years to construct, and before this bridge, the only way onto the island of Replot was by ferry….or so I’m told. I’m sure some intoxicated Replotians decided to don their speedos and give them selves a wash in the Kvarken….No doubt! This first picture is taken deep into the Finnish winter. I drive this bridge nearly every day to get to work, so as i was driving home one evening, i decided to do a spot of night photography. Never mind that it was minus 16 that night and i really was not dressed for the occasion! It is a 10 second exposure at f18. I love the fog passing under the bridge and how powerful the moon was on that night. I think this was around 2330 and in the month of December.



From one extreme winter shot of the bridge, to 3 Spring shots. A dark, murky, dirty one of the first days of spring type evening! The fog just called out for me to take these shots! It had been like this all day, and as i was driving to work, i saw these shots and knew that i would have to stop the car when driving home and spend some time at the bridge.  They were all around 6-10 second exposures at f18 and i was very lucky to get some traffic trails in the middle shot. It was on a Monday night these were taken, around 2130 and for the full 45 minuets i had spent at the bridge, 4 cars passed. Unbelievable. But at least i caught them. I cant wait to get some summer shots of the bridge with my new B+W ND 110, if it ever arrives from the shop! Hope you enjoy the shots!




Just a quick addition….. Blog has reached over a thousand views in the mere 3 months that it has been alive, of course I’m extremely pleased with that! If you would like to follow me on FaceBook the link is

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Matthew Watkins Wed Apr 6 11.13am

Night Photography Fun

A little more Night Photography fun here for you. I love night photography. Find the object, set the camera, press the button, wait in excitement for the results!…What could be better? This first photo, is of a Fallen Birch Tree at work. It has been such a hard winter this year with incredible amounts of snow falling. This is a result of a snowstorm that occurred. The tree had split and fell over one of the area lights. Exposure was 8 seconds and at f16. Enjoy.

Next, is the church in Vaasa again. I have posted photos of this church on a previous blog post. But they were daytime captures and converted into black and white. This was a 20 second exposure at f16. Myself, i love the negative space between the tree and the church in this shot. This church has so many great angles and veiws, all that i have tried my best to capture, and hope to post up as the blog progresses.

Last one of the post. This is taken at the small harbor area near Strandgaten. It is overlooking the Restaurant Ship ‘Faros’. This restaurant has quite a lot of business throughout the summer months, not as an eating place, but as a drinking place. It is another long exposure, this time a 30 second f16 exposure. There are some traffic trails in the background from the main road leading to Sundom over Vasklot Bridge.


Matthew Watkins