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Family Practice.

May 27, 2011 1 comment

Had some quality time with the Family of late. Much needed. Managed to get some great practice shots in too. The shots are nothing special, but I’m just working on different colours, backgrounds, light, angles etc. If you got it. Use it. But remember to have fun too. Which we did.

Also, by the looks of things, I’ve found my logo text at last. Looks good don’t you think?


Matthew Watkins Fri May 27 5:00pm


Footpath over cloudy waters.

Nothing but the image for this post. Just another shot testing out the ND110 filter while out for a walk with the wife and daughter. 20 second exposure at f 8. Not the cleanest of waters?!…


Matthew Watkins Mon May 9 1:06 pm

Practice, Practice makes Portrait!

So I’ve been a lucky boy and found my self with a new piece of software called Focal Point. I have seen post before where this plugin has been used and really liked the finished product. So you can guess how happy i am to have a version of my own!! My main love of photography is Landscape photography, mostly long exposures! I used to scroll through my hundreds of Photography magazines looking on at these types of pictures in awe! Hoping that one day, i would get myself a camera, and try to take some photos that would end up like these. Now, i know I’m far off that By comparison, but it will come….just have to Practice! That’s the name of the game with this post PRACTICE. I really have to start practicing on my portraiture photography. It is a way of photography that really interests me. The way that Light can control everything and give you completely different shots of the same subject, by just changing slightly! So as the Heading says PRACTICE, PRACTICE MAKES PORTRAIT! Here’s me, practicing….

WordPress seems to be squeezing my images for some unapparent reason! So until i sort out this mess you CAN click on the images to bring them up in a new page and view them in better quality!

I have also been trying to get to know other aspects of Photoshop more using tutorial videos from YouTube. Here is one that i have used with the next 2 images. Apparently it is a pretty simple process? These are the first images that i have tried this process on and i must say that i think i have gotten on quite well with it. So i will be using it on other portrait images that i take as i do like the effect it brings.

Now here are my 2 images. 1 is a before and after shot of my wife Anna…

I am also going to be trying out different logo text’s as I’m very undecided on which to use. Plus, I’m thinking of starting a separate page on my blog where i will upload nothing but images so if you have not got the time to read my ramblings, then you can just go to view my stuff on there……


Matthew Watkins

‘Finger in the Cookie Jar’

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Cookies. Home made Cookies. There is nothing better. Especially these ones. Pecan nut and Milk chocolate cookies. These bad boys helped me gain 5kg over the Christmas holidays! But, they are my wife’s speciality….im just lucky that they taste so bloody good so I dont mind scoffing the whole batch the day they are made!….. Its cold outside today….AGAIN….around minus 20 something, and wont change for a long time! So i decided to take some pictures by the window in the morning sun of stuff i had lying around….and the cookies were just staring at me, not anymore mind as after the morning session, i ate the damn lot! Took this using my Nikon nifty 50, which is PERMANENTLY attached to my camera now. 1 / 30 of a second and at iso 100. However, this was such a simple shot when taken, just your every day picture. But its the shot that I’ve used Photoshop the most with. Finally figured out how to use the Burn tools and I think its been used pretty well here!….But, Sunday night tonight, which usually means movie night……” Wife, we need more cookies”……

Perfect Girl, Perfect World

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I think it’s pretty fair to say I’m living in a perfect world at the moment. I have my girl, Lilya May 6 months. She is a beaut and is so photogenic it would be wrong to not get the camera out at every opportunity! It’s with her help, I am now confident in using my new 50mm 1.8f lens and have found the “sweet spot” at f 2.2. As seen here.


Matthew Watkins Thu Feb 10 10:28 PM

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