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No Entry and No Pass


This image is my favorite image, that i have taken in the 7 odd months that i have had my DSLR. This, is the reason why!, i have wanted one for so long! the ability to slow down time! This was taken looking up towards the town of  Vaasa. There is a set of traffic lights just up a bit, so i figured it was a great point to get some fantastic traffic trails! Its also a main road so i knew that there would be plenty of traffic! Its a 30 second exposure at f16. I love how crisp and cold everything looks! It was minus 18 that night though so no wonder there is snow stuck to the lampost! I really couldn’t have asked for some better traffic trails than this. Hope you like it! The image on the blog page, for some reason does not do it justice. Click on it to enlarge it for a better look. Enjoy!




So, if the first photo was looking up towards the town center, the next is looking in the opposite direction. This is the view of Vasklot Bridge leading to Sundom. It is also a 30 second exposure at f16. It is another image process that i love. Taking long exposures! To take these exposures, then it is ideal for the surroundings to be dark, or in other words, to be night time! Then you can get some great traffic trails if you are in a area that has traffic, or if not, your somewhere away from the hassle of the ‘city’ life, then its possible to get some great Star Trail shots. I will defiantly give them a shot, but not this year. I will wait till the winter months of January, February where the sun switches off for most of the day here in Finland. Perfect for long exposures! But, if the night is longer than the day in the winter, then the days are surely longer than the nights in the summer i hear someone say!….Yip. They sure are. Quite considerably too. So for that reason alone, i have searched out and purchased a filter. Not just any filter. A 10 stop ND filter. That will allow me to take these long exposures in the most sunny and light conditions! Needless to say im looking forward to giving it a shot! I wont go too much into the nitty gritty of it all, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words….so when i do get this picture, then youll know what im talking about! Hopefully…..






Matthew Watkins Thu Mar 31 9:07pm