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RantNumber One Over and Out!

Ok. Not one I’m overly proud of, but good or bad, I just have to get things out of my system and move on. Photography is a massive learning curve that i think will never end, and have unlimited amounts of peaks and troughs. At the moment i seem to be going at breakneck speed up and down these blasted things. Its giving me a headache, and really frustrating me. But i wont give up!  I am here to learn, and that is all we ever do. From day one, till the day you, we I, stop. Will we ever grasp the knowledge, experience and ability that we all strive for? Doubt it. we all give it a bloody good try, but still there is room for improvement. As always. In everything we do.

P.S I’ve started to use Tag’s hoping for a bit more traffic here.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 10:50am