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The Krisp Kalm Kvarken.

I finally get to post my images taken a few weeks back. There was no work for the weekend so what do we do? Pack up way too much stuff, and stay at our work place overnight. Well, it was Eurovision Night. Yeah, i know, how sad is that? Well its an excuse for the family to get together and laugh and joke and make fun of the artists performing! We arrived there pretty early in the day so i decided i would venture out to see what shots i could get. It was extremely still and the water was so calm! Here is a Google map shot From where i was shooting if your at all interested.

There are some great locations to shoot around this area and over the summer, i will hope to get as much done as i possibly can. OK , back to the photo’s. I love the effect on the water in these shots! Looks as if you can walk across it all the way to Sweden! These shots were taken around noon time using my Nd110 filter. I think I’m using this a little too much now but I’m really enjoying it! Only a slight Photoshop adjustment needed for each of these. I was using my polorizer filter along with the ND so i was ending up with a touch of vignetting only at the top of the image. So i just cropped out that if i did not want to use it and then just a slight exposure adjustment in each. Also, obviously, i processed 2 shots into black and white which I think work really well.

There’s enough chit chat now so time for the images! I would love to hear what you think off them in the comments section. Good or Bad, criticism is invaluable and much needed and appreciated!


Matthew Watkins Thur May 19 8:29pm


Last of the snow. When enough, is too much.

Last shots featuring the white stuff from me for a few months. A few blue, hot, bright and sunny months! These shots were taken days before spring finally set in and the snow started to melt! I took these while driving to my work place one early afternoon. The fog on that day was something else!…. The weather changed quite drastically that week. Resulting in many fields being waterlogged. I did run these pictures through Photoshop, but to be honest i think i went a little too far on the processing…What do you think? When is enough, enough?


Matthew Watkins Sat Apr 30 4:55pm

Church of Vaasa in Black and White

Three black and white pictures for you today. Going through a black and white phase at this moment in time. There was some great contrast in these shots, but the versions that are in colour were just not up to the mark. Not like these. Great striking image from the front of the church in the first shot, and the same with the third image looking onto the clock tower. Unfortunately for reasons i could not foresee, i was not allowed into the church to photograph this time. But next time i will be sure to as its quite a fantastic church. Hope you enjoy the images. I think i will be in a more colourful state of mind from now on, starting to overdo the monochrome a little.


Matthew Watkins Sat Mar 19 9:35pm

This Town Caught my Eye

Here are a few photos i took of things that caught my eye while walking through Vaasa the other day. We have been lucky to have such great spring weather and after a long, tough winter with temperatures reaching minus 30 degrees the summer is long overdue. The only problem with spring in Finland, as you can imagine, is the amount of slushy snow and water that is the aftermath of such heavy amounts of snow, fallen over the last 4-5 months. So the result of this is a very dirty looking town for a few weeks. But if you have lived in Finland throughout the seasons, you will know that the summer, is worth the wait! Temperatures rising to plus 28 degreese, 24 hour sunlight and of course, the tradition of the ‘summer cottages’. I’m very sorry but i am digging black and white at the moment due to the great contrast of light outside. So of course many of my posts will be in black and whit. But never fear, colour WILL come back into my life, so will HDR. Probably. Enjoy the photos.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 16 11:59am


Two more posts of the photos taken of the Academill building. Look great in black and white. It was a beautiful bright, blue skied sunny springs day, walking down by the sea front here in Vaasa. But the images just didn’t do it for me when they were in colour as much as the black and white ones do.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 16 11:05am

2 Black and White and You Must Be mad To Be A Posti.

Ok 3 images that i am more than happy with here! Very little Photoshop processing done on each of them. How crazy must one be to want to be a Post-Person in Finland? The middle picture is one of their preferred mode of transport. A BICYCLE! Oh yes even in the deepest of winter the Post-People use these to transport letters, postcards and parcels to the people of Finland. Must be Nuts i say. Not every Post-Person uses it though to be fair. Some use 50cc scooters, some use Post Vans which are usually Toyota with the steering wheel on the opposite side! The Third picture is a view looking up Vasaesplanaden. Cant wait to shoot this in the Summer, or Spring, especially Autumn.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 11:49am

HDR Indoor/Outdoor Blues PIII

This was a real dark horse. I had given up on it. Was an ok starting photo. So i touched it up a little after a touch of HDR and was really NOT happy with it. Was just about to throw it in the bin where i decided to give it one last chance with some black and white. Wasn’t i surprised…


Matthew Watkins Thur Mar 3 9:06pm