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So by the looks of things, I’ve been busy over the last few days! Photographing and processing images as i had the time. Feels good as vie not really had too much time to get out there and take new shots, just some time here and there to work on old photos. But that’s also fun! I had found some photos i had shoved somewhere in iPhoto and forgotten about, so now they are processed and up! What a waste that would have been.

Ok, back to the main reason about this post. I have finally had the opportunity to go out and shoot with my new, shiny B+W ND110 3.0 Filter. PHEW! Boy, now that’s a relief. It has been sitting here staring at me for around 10 days, just waiting for me to use it! I have had a few locations in mind for where i would like to use this filter around the area which i live. Me, being the impatient man I am, thought that i would get all these done and dusted in just 1 night’s shooting. Man was i wrong. The first location i had spotted was the closest, so that’s where i decided that i would set off to first.  Well, lets just say i would have needed some wellies, with stilts and wellies on them. Plus a ladder, and then a boat! Needless to say, my location scouting abilities failed me. Miserably. I was a little disappointed, but never the less, i had more places to fry! So off i set hoping for better luck. Man, was i wrong!

Here’s where i ended up…

I had found a great docking area which locals use to cast out their boats. So i set up me gear and looked for a great shot. Didn’t happen..The sun was way to bright resulting in massive areas of my image being washed out. Well, to be honest i was not to dissapointed, at least i had had some practice with using the ND filter. It was really nerve wracking at first, trying to figure out what to do first, plus the weather really was not on my side! (check out my last post for that one) So it went something like this…

Extend tripod

Secure camera to tripod with out dropping it on to the pebble beach!

Turn release mode to remote release

Find shot

Switch camera to Aperture mode and take reading

Remember that reading

Search pockets for ND filter (I kept it in the box so it would not get damaged don’t worry)

Screw filter to the camera without dropping it on the pebble beach

switch focusing to Manual

Search pockets for iPhone

Switch to the ND Calc app

Find your reading on the left hand side and the app calculates the exposure time for you! Hence the name ND Calc

Search pockets for IR Remote

Switch camera to Manual and Bulb, or in my case Time.

Hit countdown on the app and the button on the remote

wait….or whistle your favorite tune

When the app makes a beep, then hit the remote button to stop the exposure.

So as i said before. I spent about 45 minuets here just practicing and really did not come out with anything to write home about. So off i went in search of new things to photograph. I was quite lucky as only a stones throw away was the harbor area there in Brändö. People had started taking their boats out already as the snow and ice has finally dissapeared. So i was sure to get a few good shots!

This time, I was not wrong….Here are the shots i ended up with.

I am extremely pleased with the results of these shots! Had to do just a little processing in Photoshop afterwards but not much. So all in all a great experience. I had the chance to use my filter, and learned a most important lesson. Dont rush things, Take your time and take time on each location that your shooting. Hey even spend all night shooting that one place if possible! Just remember to enjoy yourself and enjoy the world that your capturing! I cant wait to let this baby loose on the world again!!


Matthew Watkins Wed May 4 11:09am


Man, just click the shutter….


The place where I christened my B+W ND110 3.0 filter. It’s quite a typical scene for this filter. A static object, surrounded by something non static, such as water! This is my first location of many I’ve scouted around this town. It was at one of Brändö’s harbor areas. The ice has more or less vanished now. There is some still lurking but it’s up on the beach. The weather was not the greatest today. The sky was grey and bright, the wind was mighty and the wind was cold! Did I also mention it was a mere 4 degrees centigrade? No? Well it was! It nearly stopped me from going out all together! I had decided the day before that I would be going out to take some exposures and had really been looking forward to it! The day was fantastic! Just what I would have asked for. Blue sky’s, spotted white fluffy clouds with just enough movement to them to get some great blur when using the filter. But as the time came for me to go out with my camera it all changed! But, after little persuasion, I decided the weather would not stop me, and I would go out and get my shots!

Step by step, here we go!

Compose the shot
Choose remote release
Turn to aperture priority
Take exposure reading
Screw on the filter
Switch to manual focus
Use the iPhone app nd calc to calculate exposure time
Click release


The longest exposure I took was 200 seconds – 3 min 20 seconds. This captured some great movement in the water!

Today was quite a journey! Something I have been waiting to do for such a long time! It’s only one of many many locations I have found and it’s the first baby step in using the filter! I hope to get the images ready in the next few days to post. Hopefully you’ll check back for them and maybe comment?


Matthew Watkins Mon 2 May 10:47pm