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Replot Bridge

April 6, 2011 2 comments

Replot Bridge. The Longest Bridge in Finland is 1,045 meters (3,428 ft) long and  has two supporting pylons are both 82.5 m (271 ft) high. The bridge took 4 years to construct, and before this bridge, the only way onto the island of Replot was by ferry….or so I’m told. I’m sure some intoxicated Replotians decided to don their speedos and give them selves a wash in the Kvarken….No doubt! This first picture is taken deep into the Finnish winter. I drive this bridge nearly every day to get to work, so as i was driving home one evening, i decided to do a spot of night photography. Never mind that it was minus 16 that night and i really was not dressed for the occasion! It is a 10 second exposure at f18. I love the fog passing under the bridge and how powerful the moon was on that night. I think this was around 2330 and in the month of December.



From one extreme winter shot of the bridge, to 3 Spring shots. A dark, murky, dirty one of the first days of spring type evening! The fog just called out for me to take these shots! It had been like this all day, and as i was driving to work, i saw these shots and knew that i would have to stop the car when driving home and spend some time at the bridge.  They were all around 6-10 second exposures at f18 and i was very lucky to get some traffic trails in the middle shot. It was on a Monday night these were taken, around 2130 and for the full 45 minuets i had spent at the bridge, 4 cars passed. Unbelievable. But at least i caught them. I cant wait to get some summer shots of the bridge with my new B+W ND 110, if it ever arrives from the shop! Hope you enjoy the shots!




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Night Photography Fun

A little more Night Photography fun here for you. I love night photography. Find the object, set the camera, press the button, wait in excitement for the results!…What could be better? This first photo, is of a Fallen Birch Tree at work. It has been such a hard winter this year with incredible amounts of snow falling. This is a result of a snowstorm that occurred. The tree had split and fell over one of the area lights. Exposure was 8 seconds and at f16. Enjoy.

Next, is the church in Vaasa again. I have posted photos of this church on a previous blog post. But they were daytime captures and converted into black and white. This was a 20 second exposure at f16. Myself, i love the negative space between the tree and the church in this shot. This church has so many great angles and veiws, all that i have tried my best to capture, and hope to post up as the blog progresses.

Last one of the post. This is taken at the small harbor area near Strandgaten. It is overlooking the Restaurant Ship ‘Faros’. This restaurant has quite a lot of business throughout the summer months, not as an eating place, but as a drinking place. It is another long exposure, this time a 30 second f16 exposure. There are some traffic trails in the background from the main road leading to Sundom over Vasklot Bridge.


Matthew Watkins

No Entry and No Pass


This image is my favorite image, that i have taken in the 7 odd months that i have had my DSLR. This, is the reason why!, i have wanted one for so long! the ability to slow down time! This was taken looking up towards the town of  Vaasa. There is a set of traffic lights just up a bit, so i figured it was a great point to get some fantastic traffic trails! Its also a main road so i knew that there would be plenty of traffic! Its a 30 second exposure at f16. I love how crisp and cold everything looks! It was minus 18 that night though so no wonder there is snow stuck to the lampost! I really couldn’t have asked for some better traffic trails than this. Hope you like it! The image on the blog page, for some reason does not do it justice. Click on it to enlarge it for a better look. Enjoy!




So, if the first photo was looking up towards the town center, the next is looking in the opposite direction. This is the view of Vasklot Bridge leading to Sundom. It is also a 30 second exposure at f16. It is another image process that i love. Taking long exposures! To take these exposures, then it is ideal for the surroundings to be dark, or in other words, to be night time! Then you can get some great traffic trails if you are in a area that has traffic, or if not, your somewhere away from the hassle of the ‘city’ life, then its possible to get some great Star Trail shots. I will defiantly give them a shot, but not this year. I will wait till the winter months of January, February where the sun switches off for most of the day here in Finland. Perfect for long exposures! But, if the night is longer than the day in the winter, then the days are surely longer than the nights in the summer i hear someone say!….Yip. They sure are. Quite considerably too. So for that reason alone, i have searched out and purchased a filter. Not just any filter. A 10 stop ND filter. That will allow me to take these long exposures in the most sunny and light conditions! Needless to say im looking forward to giving it a shot! I wont go too much into the nitty gritty of it all, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words….so when i do get this picture, then youll know what im talking about! Hopefully…..






Matthew Watkins Thu Mar 31 9:07pm

Vaasa Night Time Experiment

March 31, 2011 1 comment

*BING*…..Experiment time! I went out into the darkest depth of the town of Vaasa one Friday night. Boy i could not have been worse on the choice of nights! But, it was an experiment as stated, and experiments fail…..sometimes! I dont regard this as a failed experiment mind, but as an attempt!…a Mark I…. An  ‘aye, ill give it a go mun, why not init’….(oh the joy of thinking in Valley speak! It would be sold for millions!) Went off on on one there for a bit, sorry about that! So, Friday night. Bad choice of nights, but it was a night when i was traveling home late from work, so in many ways it was perfect! It was a crisp, clear, minus 9 degrees night. I started out taking a few pictures of certain places in the town center. I really wished i had packed my headphones for the trip so i could drown out the drunken people shouting and screaming from the market square. Mind, cant complain too much as not too long ago, i was there! So that was the main reason why i stayed on the outskirts of the town center and did not venture any further! There were a few Passer by’s with the odd shout of ‘take my picture!’…in English!! What have i got ‘ENGLISH SPEAKER’ stuck on me somewhere?!? Never mind…the car they were driving gave me some nice traffic trails, so for that i am thankfull!! So, i hear you say…whats the experiment leading up to? Well if its not too obvious, then you will just have to wait…and wait patiently! But in the meantime, enjoy the photos on this page, and the others.


Matthew Watkins Thu Mar 31 8:36pm



Yes, you are write… I have changed the layout, text on top, photos underneath. Hope it works out for the best, or ill swap them back.






March 27, 2011 2 comments




3 pictures taken last Saturday night as i was driving home from work. I had spotted this vantage point some time ago and had kept thinking that i would take advantage of it when it would be at its best. From November till February, Finland is Dark. Very dark, at its darkest and most depressing its lucky if there will be a full 3 hours of sunlight! But of course, I couldnt wait that long. So i knew that i would be finishing work that night, just as it would be starting to get dark. Packed my camera and tripod into the car, got my gloves and scarf, some chewing gums and off i went! They were taken at 20:15 i think, as it gets dark now at 20:00. I was expecting to get there later as i didn’t think i would finish work until 20:00. They turned out fantastic tho, and had just enough traffic too. This is the second time i have ventured out into the ‘Vaasa Night Time’ taking photographs and boy have i had some funny looks and stares…even more than usual!! Have they not seen a camera before?


Matthew Watkins Sun Mar 27 8:03pm

2 Black and White and You Must Be mad To Be A Posti.

Ok 3 images that i am more than happy with here! Very little Photoshop processing done on each of them. How crazy must one be to want to be a Post-Person in Finland? The middle picture is one of their preferred mode of transport. A BICYCLE! Oh yes even in the deepest of winter the Post-People use these to transport letters, postcards and parcels to the people of Finland. Must be Nuts i say. Not every Post-Person uses it though to be fair. Some use 50cc scooters, some use Post Vans which are usually Toyota with the steering wheel on the opposite side! The Third picture is a view looking up Vasaesplanaden. Cant wait to shoot this in the Summer, or Spring, especially Autumn.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 11:49am