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Church of Vaasa in Black and White

Three black and white pictures for you today. Going through a black and white phase at this moment in time. There was some great contrast in these shots, but the versions that are in colour were just not up to the mark. Not like these. Great striking image from the front of the church in the first shot, and the same with the third image looking onto the clock tower. Unfortunately for reasons i could not foresee, i was not allowed into the church to photograph this time. But next time i will be sure to as its quite a fantastic church. Hope you enjoy the images. I think i will be in a more colourful state of mind from now on, starting to overdo the monochrome a little.


Matthew Watkins Sat Mar 19 9:35pm


A Church For a Day

Here’s another picture from Manchester. Just a touch of HDR again and i think its a great looking picture.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 2 9:57PM