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This Town Caught my Eye

Here are a few photos i took of things that caught my eye while walking through Vaasa the other day. We have been lucky to have such great spring weather and after a long, tough winter with temperatures reaching minus 30 degrees the summer is long overdue. The only problem with spring in Finland, as you can imagine, is the amount of slushy snow and water that is the aftermath of such heavy amounts of snow, fallen over the last 4-5 months. So the result of this is a very dirty looking town for a few weeks. But if you have lived in Finland throughout the seasons, you will know that the summer, is worth the wait! Temperatures rising to plus 28 degreese, 24 hour sunlight and of course, the tradition of the ‘summer cottages’. I’m very sorry but i am digging black and white at the moment due to the great contrast of light outside. So of course many of my posts will be in black and whit. But never fear, colour WILL come back into my life, so will HDR. Probably. Enjoy the photos.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 16 11:59am