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Night Photography Fun

A little more Night Photography fun here for you. I love night photography. Find the object, set the camera, press the button, wait in excitement for the results!…What could be better? This first photo, is of a Fallen Birch Tree at work. It has been such a hard winter this year with incredible amounts of snow falling. This is a result of a snowstorm that occurred. The tree had split and fell over one of the area lights. Exposure was 8 seconds and at f16. Enjoy.

Next, is the church in Vaasa again. I have posted photos of this church on a previous blog post. But they were daytime captures and converted into black and white. This was a 20 second exposure at f16. Myself, i love the negative space between the tree and the church in this shot. This church has so many great angles and veiws, all that i have tried my best to capture, and hope to post up as the blog progresses.

Last one of the post. This is taken at the small harbor area near Strandgaten. It is overlooking the Restaurant Ship ‘Faros’. This restaurant has quite a lot of business throughout the summer months, not as an eating place, but as a drinking place. It is another long exposure, this time a 30 second f16 exposure. There are some traffic trails in the background from the main road leading to Sundom over Vasklot Bridge.


Matthew Watkins


This Town Caught my Eye

Here are a few photos i took of things that caught my eye while walking through Vaasa the other day. We have been lucky to have such great spring weather and after a long, tough winter with temperatures reaching minus 30 degrees the summer is long overdue. The only problem with spring in Finland, as you can imagine, is the amount of slushy snow and water that is the aftermath of such heavy amounts of snow, fallen over the last 4-5 months. So the result of this is a very dirty looking town for a few weeks. But if you have lived in Finland throughout the seasons, you will know that the summer, is worth the wait! Temperatures rising to plus 28 degreese, 24 hour sunlight and of course, the tradition of the ‘summer cottages’. I’m very sorry but i am digging black and white at the moment due to the great contrast of light outside. So of course many of my posts will be in black and whit. But never fear, colour WILL come back into my life, so will HDR. Probably. Enjoy the photos.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 16 11:59am

Odd Fellows, Spiral Stairs and Snow Scooters dont mix.

3 images taken while out having a relaxing walk with the wife and daughter. I love to take photos of Snow Scooters, or Ski doo’s! There is such a nice shape to them, and different types of shading, when not covered in snow that is! They are fantastic to convert to HDR also. Not to much processing on this particular image of the Ski Doo’s, but just enough id say. The ‘Spiral Staircase’ shot is taken at the ‘Academill’ On Strandgatan Vaasa 65610. It used to be a Grain Mill, now has been converted into a University hence the name ‘Academill’. Cool huh? And then the first image is that of the Odd Fellows Building in Vaasa.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 11:26am

RantNumber One Over and Out!

Ok. Not one I’m overly proud of, but good or bad, I just have to get things out of my system and move on. Photography is a massive learning curve that i think will never end, and have unlimited amounts of peaks and troughs. At the moment i seem to be going at breakneck speed up and down these blasted things. Its giving me a headache, and really frustrating me. But i wont give up!  I am here to learn, and that is all we ever do. From day one, till the day you, we I, stop. Will we ever grasp the knowledge, experience and ability that we all strive for? Doubt it. we all give it a bloody good try, but still there is room for improvement. As always. In everything we do.

P.S I’ve started to use Tag’s hoping for a bit more traffic here.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 10:50am

HDR Construction

Images taken at Klobskatt harbour this morning. I was on my way into work when i saw the excavator with the sun behind it and thought ‘CLICK’ just had to stop and take this. I kindly asked Mox (Auf Weidershen Pet) If i could take these images, he grumbled and turned, took out his phone and probably pretended to talk to someone on there….usual behavior in these remote areas of Raipollottu. Then the other image is that of a Fork Lift truck that has been sitting pretty for the last 4-5 months due to the blasted snow…my god have we had enough of it this winter!


Matthew Watkins Thur Mar 10 10:32pm

Enhancing the Skills.

As you can probably tell. Enhancing my skills of Photoshop and the Split RAW technique. 4 images in this post. The wood shed is a cracker if you don’t mind me saying so. Caught it at just the rite light to thanks to arriving early to work and forgetting your keys. The other 3 are of Steve’s Sun Specs.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 8 10:09pm

Ski Doo and the 3 S’ HDR

Well. Needless to say, ive had Oodles of fun today with Photoshop. Here’s too HDR images that i shot today. After a few days of bad luck with the weather, today was fantastic. Looked out the window when i awoke and thought, clear blue sky’s, sun’s out…..’Camera Time’. Took my camera to work and went off shooting after i had finished slaving over a hot stove! Finnish winter means ONE thing. Well it means a whole heap of things, but we wont get into that just yet, SKI DOO. Those fantastically and dangerously fast mothers are parked outside our work place, more or less from January to April. Guests from all over the world, come to our establishment to experience the thrill of these beauties! Great for me as they are so much fun to shoot, and even better to turn into HDR.  The next image is of my Brother in Law. He works outside constantly, heating traditional Finnish ‘Smoke Saunas’. My god the Finns are proud of these….go figure?! As i was out taking photos he walked up to me, i saw the reflection in his sunglasses and instantly started snapping…Great shot, even better in HDR, and as you will see in my next post, much better in…………?


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 8 9:59pm