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March 27, 2011 2 comments




3 pictures taken last Saturday night as i was driving home from work. I had spotted this vantage point some time ago and had kept thinking that i would take advantage of it when it would be at its best. From November till February, Finland is Dark. Very dark, at its darkest and most depressing its lucky if there will be a full 3 hours of sunlight! But of course, I couldnt wait that long. So i knew that i would be finishing work that night, just as it would be starting to get dark. Packed my camera and tripod into the car, got my gloves and scarf, some chewing gums and off i went! They were taken at 20:15 i think, as it gets dark now at 20:00. I was expecting to get there later as i didn’t think i would finish work until 20:00. They turned out fantastic tho, and had just enough traffic too. This is the second time i have ventured out into the ‘Vaasa Night Time’ taking photographs and boy have i had some funny looks and stares…even more than usual!! Have they not seen a camera before?


Matthew Watkins Sun Mar 27 8:03pm


Manchester 2 Shot

I feel I’m taking a step backward with these 2 photos. They are from Manchester where i stayed for a few days on a family holiday, so i didn’t really get the camera out much. Just your usual Family stuff. But these are the 2 shots i could do something with, step forward or step backward, i just had to get them out of the system. A little HDR on both and a few touches here and there, not overly excited by them, but lets hope something good comes out of it….


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 2 9:35 PM