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HDR Indoor/Outdoor Blues PII

The Mud Path

Another from tonight’s set. I love the vibe this shot is giving out. Very dark and quite mystical. Funny thing though, i zoomed in 5 times and found that there is quite a bit of camera shake going on. Maybe it has affected the image in a good way? Somehow?


Matthew Watkins Thur Mar 3 8:59pm


A Church For a Day

Here’s another picture from Manchester. Just a touch of HDR again and i think its a great looking picture.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 2 9:57PM

Manchester 2 Shot

I feel I’m taking a step backward with these 2 photos. They are from Manchester where i stayed for a few days on a family holiday, so i didn’t really get the camera out much. Just your usual Family stuff. But these are the 2 shots i could do something with, step forward or step backward, i just had to get them out of the system. A little HDR on both and a few touches here and there, not overly excited by them, but lets hope something good comes out of it….


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 2 9:35 PM