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Vaasa Night Time Experiment

March 31, 2011 1 comment

*BING*…..Experiment time! I went out into the darkest depth of the town of Vaasa one Friday night. Boy i could not have been worse on the choice of nights! But, it was an experiment as stated, and experiments fail…..sometimes! I dont regard this as a failed experiment mind, but as an attempt!…a Mark I…. An  ‘aye, ill give it a go mun, why not init’….(oh the joy of thinking in Valley speak! It would be sold for millions!) Went off on on one there for a bit, sorry about that! So, Friday night. Bad choice of nights, but it was a night when i was traveling home late from work, so in many ways it was perfect! It was a crisp, clear, minus 9 degrees night. I started out taking a few pictures of certain places in the town center. I really wished i had packed my headphones for the trip so i could drown out the drunken people shouting and screaming from the market square. Mind, cant complain too much as not too long ago, i was there! So that was the main reason why i stayed on the outskirts of the town center and did not venture any further! There were a few Passer by’s with the odd shout of ‘take my picture!’…in English!! What have i got ‘ENGLISH SPEAKER’ stuck on me somewhere?!? Never mind…the car they were driving gave me some nice traffic trails, so for that i am thankfull!! So, i hear you say…whats the experiment leading up to? Well if its not too obvious, then you will just have to wait…and wait patiently! But in the meantime, enjoy the photos on this page, and the others.


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Yes, you are write… I have changed the layout, text on top, photos underneath. Hope it works out for the best, or ill swap them back.