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Kalles Inn

Some homework for me. I say homework as I’ve been given the task of taking photographs of Kalles Inn for the new website. These are a few shots from my workplace Kalle’s Inn. Here is one of 4 restaurant buildings we have on the area. This is a traditional Lapland Kota building. Here we can seat up to 60 persons and there is overnight accommodation for 12 persons. The menu we mostly serve in this building is a Cream Soup of Finnish Chantarelle Mushrooms followed buy Finnish Salmon that’s roasted in front of the fire as you can see in the 4th image. For dessert we serve a Vanilla Creme brulee topped with Finnish Cloudberries. As of late i have been introducing more and more main dishes into the menu by roasting Wild Boar, Beef Inner Fillet, Moose Inner fillet and once a whole piglet for a medieval themed wedding! The roof of this building has small fiber optic lights that make up the star sky from the night it was built. The first and second image were taken on Aperture priority at f5.6-f8 using a Polorizer Filter. The third and forth images were taken on fully manual f8 at 40′ second.

The next image is another of the restaurant buildings on the area. This is a little special. It is shaped like a lighthouse! It has a Wood Burning aitokiuas Sauna that can sit 10 – 15 persons and a wood burning hot tub outside that can sit 8-10 persons. On the Third floor there is a restaurant that can sit 8-12 persons. This is the ideal place to spend the months of the midnight sun.

For the image i used an ND filter taken at f20 at 25 seconds plus a polarizing filter. Minor adjustments in Photoshop again and for my eyes, this image is perfect. How about yours?


Matthew Watkins Thur May 19 9:01pm



So by the looks of things, I’ve been busy over the last few days! Photographing and processing images as i had the time. Feels good as vie not really had too much time to get out there and take new shots, just some time here and there to work on old photos. But that’s also fun! I had found some photos i had shoved somewhere in iPhoto and forgotten about, so now they are processed and up! What a waste that would have been.

Ok, back to the main reason about this post. I have finally had the opportunity to go out and shoot with my new, shiny B+W ND110 3.0 Filter. PHEW! Boy, now that’s a relief. It has been sitting here staring at me for around 10 days, just waiting for me to use it! I have had a few locations in mind for where i would like to use this filter around the area which i live. Me, being the impatient man I am, thought that i would get all these done and dusted in just 1 night’s shooting. Man was i wrong. The first location i had spotted was the closest, so that’s where i decided that i would set off to first.  Well, lets just say i would have needed some wellies, with stilts and wellies on them. Plus a ladder, and then a boat! Needless to say, my location scouting abilities failed me. Miserably. I was a little disappointed, but never the less, i had more places to fry! So off i set hoping for better luck. Man, was i wrong!

Here’s where i ended up…

I had found a great docking area which locals use to cast out their boats. So i set up me gear and looked for a great shot. Didn’t happen..The sun was way to bright resulting in massive areas of my image being washed out. Well, to be honest i was not to dissapointed, at least i had had some practice with using the ND filter. It was really nerve wracking at first, trying to figure out what to do first, plus the weather really was not on my side! (check out my last post for that one) So it went something like this…

Extend tripod

Secure camera to tripod with out dropping it on to the pebble beach!

Turn release mode to remote release

Find shot

Switch camera to Aperture mode and take reading

Remember that reading

Search pockets for ND filter (I kept it in the box so it would not get damaged don’t worry)

Screw filter to the camera without dropping it on the pebble beach

switch focusing to Manual

Search pockets for iPhone

Switch to the ND Calc app

Find your reading on the left hand side and the app calculates the exposure time for you! Hence the name ND Calc

Search pockets for IR Remote

Switch camera to Manual and Bulb, or in my case Time.

Hit countdown on the app and the button on the remote

wait….or whistle your favorite tune

When the app makes a beep, then hit the remote button to stop the exposure.

So as i said before. I spent about 45 minuets here just practicing and really did not come out with anything to write home about. So off i went in search of new things to photograph. I was quite lucky as only a stones throw away was the harbor area there in Brändö. People had started taking their boats out already as the snow and ice has finally dissapeared. So i was sure to get a few good shots!

This time, I was not wrong….Here are the shots i ended up with.

I am extremely pleased with the results of these shots! Had to do just a little processing in Photoshop afterwards but not much. So all in all a great experience. I had the chance to use my filter, and learned a most important lesson. Dont rush things, Take your time and take time on each location that your shooting. Hey even spend all night shooting that one place if possible! Just remember to enjoy yourself and enjoy the world that your capturing! I cant wait to let this baby loose on the world again!!


Matthew Watkins Wed May 4 11:09am

Good day for it mind!

Morning! Lovely day today! Just what i was hoping for as tonight, i will venture out into the wilderness (Vaasa) fully equipped with my Nikon D3000, Tripod, 10 stop ND filter and a flask. What will be in the flask is yet to be decided. I have a few different locations in mind and im hoping to cover at least 3 of these. They are all quite close to another so should not really cause a problem! I will post a Google Map Location of where i am shooting along with the pictures for reference! The only way i know how to do that at the moment is to take a screenshot with my iPhone 3gs and upload it as a picture and then use a browser link with it. If you are reading this and know of a different way to do so, then please share as i would be most grateful!

I am extremely excited about today’s project to be honest! It will be the first time i have used the Nd filter since its arrival! I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these! whatever the result today i will be posting, Bad or Good shots as its all about learning and practice! Also, i will make a video of my first time using this filter and post to my YouTube site which is in the links section of the blog.

As its my first time using the filter, i will be leaving prepared with my ND Calc app on the iPhone which, if you didn’t already know, calculates an exposure time for any given ND filters accurately. Hopefully it will help me out tonight if need be. Today the Sun rose at 5:37 am and will set at 9:27 pm giving us a total daylight time of 15 hours and 49 minuets and dusk will end at 10:25 pm. This should give me plenty of time with some great evening light when i set out at around 7:00 pm.

So hopefully you will check back for the shots from tonight. They might not be here for a few days but hopefully they will be worth the wait!


Matthew Watkins Mon May 2 9:41am

Another day, another sunset.

Yip. As the heading says. Another day, another sunset. Another sunset form the set i had posted a few days ago taken at Kalles Inn over looking the Gulf of Bothnia towards Sweden and the town of Umeå. Summer is slowly creeping in, and with that, The sun sticks around for approximately an extra 30 minuets a day. This was taken at Sunset around 8:50 pm over Easter. I have been lazy in my posts of late and the settings i used have been left out of the image post. So i think ill get back into the swing of things with this. Nikon D3000 18mm F16 2 second exposure. I used a little Photoshop in the final image just to brighten the image up and to lighten the foreground and lighthouse.


Matthew Watkins Sun May 1 11:01pm

Replot Bridge

April 6, 2011 2 comments

Replot Bridge. The Longest Bridge in Finland is 1,045 meters (3,428 ft) long and  has two supporting pylons are both 82.5 m (271 ft) high. The bridge took 4 years to construct, and before this bridge, the only way onto the island of Replot was by ferry….or so I’m told. I’m sure some intoxicated Replotians decided to don their speedos and give them selves a wash in the Kvarken….No doubt! This first picture is taken deep into the Finnish winter. I drive this bridge nearly every day to get to work, so as i was driving home one evening, i decided to do a spot of night photography. Never mind that it was minus 16 that night and i really was not dressed for the occasion! It is a 10 second exposure at f18. I love the fog passing under the bridge and how powerful the moon was on that night. I think this was around 2330 and in the month of December.



From one extreme winter shot of the bridge, to 3 Spring shots. A dark, murky, dirty one of the first days of spring type evening! The fog just called out for me to take these shots! It had been like this all day, and as i was driving to work, i saw these shots and knew that i would have to stop the car when driving home and spend some time at the bridge.  They were all around 6-10 second exposures at f18 and i was very lucky to get some traffic trails in the middle shot. It was on a Monday night these were taken, around 2130 and for the full 45 minuets i had spent at the bridge, 4 cars passed. Unbelievable. But at least i caught them. I cant wait to get some summer shots of the bridge with my new B+W ND 110, if it ever arrives from the shop! Hope you enjoy the shots!




Just a quick addition….. Blog has reached over a thousand views in the mere 3 months that it has been alive, of course I’m extremely pleased with that! If you would like to follow me on FaceBook the link is

and twitter im @teamdubb Thanks in advance!!









Matthew Watkins Wed Apr 6 11.13am

Night Photography Fun

A little more Night Photography fun here for you. I love night photography. Find the object, set the camera, press the button, wait in excitement for the results!…What could be better? This first photo, is of a Fallen Birch Tree at work. It has been such a hard winter this year with incredible amounts of snow falling. This is a result of a snowstorm that occurred. The tree had split and fell over one of the area lights. Exposure was 8 seconds and at f16. Enjoy.

Next, is the church in Vaasa again. I have posted photos of this church on a previous blog post. But they were daytime captures and converted into black and white. This was a 20 second exposure at f16. Myself, i love the negative space between the tree and the church in this shot. This church has so many great angles and veiws, all that i have tried my best to capture, and hope to post up as the blog progresses.

Last one of the post. This is taken at the small harbor area near Strandgaten. It is overlooking the Restaurant Ship ‘Faros’. This restaurant has quite a lot of business throughout the summer months, not as an eating place, but as a drinking place. It is another long exposure, this time a 30 second f16 exposure. There are some traffic trails in the background from the main road leading to Sundom over Vasklot Bridge.


Matthew Watkins

No Entry and No Pass


This image is my favorite image, that i have taken in the 7 odd months that i have had my DSLR. This, is the reason why!, i have wanted one for so long! the ability to slow down time! This was taken looking up towards the town of  Vaasa. There is a set of traffic lights just up a bit, so i figured it was a great point to get some fantastic traffic trails! Its also a main road so i knew that there would be plenty of traffic! Its a 30 second exposure at f16. I love how crisp and cold everything looks! It was minus 18 that night though so no wonder there is snow stuck to the lampost! I really couldn’t have asked for some better traffic trails than this. Hope you like it! The image on the blog page, for some reason does not do it justice. Click on it to enlarge it for a better look. Enjoy!




So, if the first photo was looking up towards the town center, the next is looking in the opposite direction. This is the view of Vasklot Bridge leading to Sundom. It is also a 30 second exposure at f16. It is another image process that i love. Taking long exposures! To take these exposures, then it is ideal for the surroundings to be dark, or in other words, to be night time! Then you can get some great traffic trails if you are in a area that has traffic, or if not, your somewhere away from the hassle of the ‘city’ life, then its possible to get some great Star Trail shots. I will defiantly give them a shot, but not this year. I will wait till the winter months of January, February where the sun switches off for most of the day here in Finland. Perfect for long exposures! But, if the night is longer than the day in the winter, then the days are surely longer than the nights in the summer i hear someone say!….Yip. They sure are. Quite considerably too. So for that reason alone, i have searched out and purchased a filter. Not just any filter. A 10 stop ND filter. That will allow me to take these long exposures in the most sunny and light conditions! Needless to say im looking forward to giving it a shot! I wont go too much into the nitty gritty of it all, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words….so when i do get this picture, then youll know what im talking about! Hopefully…..






Matthew Watkins Thu Mar 31 9:07pm