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2 Black and White and You Must Be mad To Be A Posti.

Ok 3 images that i am more than happy with here! Very little Photoshop processing done on each of them. How crazy must one be to want to be a Post-Person in Finland? The middle picture is one of their preferred mode of transport. A BICYCLE! Oh yes even in the deepest of winter the Post-People use these to transport letters, postcards and parcels to the people of Finland. Must be Nuts i say. Not every Post-Person uses it though to be fair. Some use 50cc scooters, some use Post Vans which are usually Toyota with the steering wheel on the opposite side! The Third picture is a view looking up Vasaesplanaden. Cant wait to shoot this in the Summer, or Spring, especially Autumn.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 11:49am