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Ski Doo and the 3 S’ HDR

Well. Needless to say, ive had Oodles of fun today with Photoshop. Here’s too HDR images that i shot today. After a few days of bad luck with the weather, today was fantastic. Looked out the window when i awoke and thought, clear blue sky’s, sun’s out…..’Camera Time’. Took my camera to work and went off shooting after i had finished slaving over a hot stove! Finnish winter means ONE thing. Well it means a whole heap of things, but we wont get into that just yet, SKI DOO. Those fantastically and dangerously fast mothers are parked outside our work place, more or less from January to April. Guests from all over the world, come to our establishment to experience the thrill of these beauties! Great for me as they are so much fun to shoot, and even better to turn into HDR.  The next image is of my Brother in Law. He works outside constantly, heating traditional Finnish ‘Smoke Saunas’. My god the Finns are proud of these….go figure?! As i was out taking photos he walked up to me, i saw the reflection in his sunglasses and instantly started snapping…Great shot, even better in HDR, and as you will see in my next post, much better in…………?


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 8 9:59pm


High Dynamic Flagpoles?

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

I am going to use the excuse again….” its too cold to go outside and take some photos!” But today, it actually is…..MINUS 27 this morning, my car actually shouted “NO BLOODY WAY” when i tried to start it! It got a little warmer in the afternoon, but only by 6 degrees! But its a damn shame, as its so beautiful outside, there’s a photo opportunity around every corner….but me for one would rather keep my fingers! So i thought id process another HDR shot, as i need practice with it. These are the flagpoles outside my work place. Its was cold on this day too, but around minus 12 i think, which is sumwhat manageable with the right attire…..Thrown a little vignette in there and a little sharpening too….


Matthew Watkins Mon Feb 14 9:01 pm