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Odd Fellows, Spiral Stairs and Snow Scooters dont mix.

3 images taken while out having a relaxing walk with the wife and daughter. I love to take photos of Snow Scooters, or Ski doo’s! There is such a nice shape to them, and different types of shading, when not covered in snow that is! They are fantastic to convert to HDR also. Not to much processing on this particular image of the Ski Doo’s, but just enough id say. The ‘Spiral Staircase’ shot is taken at the ‘Academill’ On Strandgatan Vaasa 65610. It used to be a Grain Mill, now has been converted into a University hence the name ‘Academill’. Cool huh? And then the first image is that of the Odd Fellows Building in Vaasa.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 11:26am