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Enhancing the Skills.

As you can probably tell. Enhancing my skills of Photoshop and the Split RAW technique. 4 images in this post. The wood shed is a cracker if you don’t mind me saying so. Caught it at just the rite light to thanks to arriving early to work and forgetting your keys. The other 3 are of Steve’s Sun Specs.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 8 10:09pm


Split RAW Technique Episode I

March 6, 2011 1 comment

No new photos today, something much much better. After posting these same pictures in HDR yesterday and sending them out into the unknown via Twitter and Facebook, a photographer that i follow on Twitter commented on the photos enlightening me to a process called ‘Split RAW’ in Photoshop. Being a complete newbie to Photoshop, i had not one idea what this process was. So i asked for an explanation and i quickly seant a google search party out to give me a better insight on this particular process. It is then that i stumbled on a fantastic website with tips on Photoshop and this very informative video….heres the link

So with these photos i decided to apply the ‘Split RAW’ and i think it turned out fantastic! The first image is the processed image. Where i have mad the sky more punchier and brought out the orange colour of the buildings….Photoshop is going to be a massive learning curve and is going to take an immense amount of time, but im getting there, slowly! With great websites and youtube clips out there that are priceless…it will be a fun ride! What do you think of the finished image?


Matthew Watkins Sun Mar 6 10:57 pm

Peculiar Day In HDR

Ok. Strange day today. Typical, yesterday there was sun and clear blue skys. The snow had started to melt and the ground glistened. So i thought to myself “Whatever i do tomorrow, I must take my camera with me”. So as usual, i had to work that tomorrow. So i set off a little earlier to work, camera in hand and a pair of warm gloves, hoping to catch some great shots. Disaster. The melting snow had turned into treacherous slush, those crisp clear blue sky’s had turned a dirty grey colour, and Mr Sun must have gone on a Thompson all inclusive holiday to Greece or somewhere far far away! So instead i was on the look out for some interesting shots. But there was no available light that interested me as the sun was on strike and as for things being interesting well, i have a 40 minute drive to work and all there is is trees, trees and more trees! But on this day, i had to stop at the Bakery to drop off some plastic boxes that i had been holding onto for no reason. The perspective on these shots just drew me straight into taking the shots. Again, as with most of my pictures, there is a touch of HDR going on. I guess i need the practice, im not HDRs biggest fan, but the more i do, the more it grows on me. One shot is more natural looking and one well, I think I let loose on it. I like the both of them, taking into consideration the crapness of the day. But im glad i took my camera with me, and im glad that i took the time to take these photos. What do you think of them?


Matthew Watkins Fri Mar 4 9:08pm