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Two more posts of the photos taken of the Academill building. Look great in black and white. It was a beautiful bright, blue skied sunny springs day, walking down by the sea front here in Vaasa. But the images just didn’t do it for me when they were in colour as much as the black and white ones do.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 16 11:05am


Stairway to Heaven

March 7, 2011 1 comment

Two images today. But unfortunately of the same thing. No, I’m not lazy. Well, kind of, but this was down to a ‘Force of Nature’. It was Saturday night, i was all prepared to go out and take some night photos. It was quite cold, maybe -4 so i had to dress accordingly, which means a good 10 minuets of applying layer upon layer of clothes! Finally i was ready, grabbed my camera and my tripod kissed the wife and was out the door with a massive grin on my face! It had been a while since i had ventured out solely to take some photos! I first spent some time on our apartment buildings yard playing with different shutter speeds and what not until i decided to get in the car and drive to some pre-planned locations in the area. Started the car, powered up the ipod and searched for the new ‘Beady Eye’ album. Skipped to ‘Beatles and Stones’ and set off. Then from out of nowhere a mass of white clouded my vision! I could not believe it….SNOWSTORM! i hadnt even gotten to the bottom of my street! Dissapointed and a little angry, i turned the car around and parked up. BACK HOME. Gutted. But then i remembered that i had some great visions of my stairwell. So i picked up my camera and tripod and spen the next 45 minuets taking photos off the stairs leading up to my apartment. Great shots they turned out to be too don’t you think?  The first is a shot with an exposure value of -2. I like the Darkness in that one, you dont really know what to expect after the next step. Then the second shot is a HDR of a different angle. There were many a great angles i could have shot, and i did shoot quite a few, but these stood out for me. One comment i had on them was that they were very ‘Hitchcock-y’ . So not a complete disaster after all. I couldnt go out side, so i made the most of what i had, on the inside.


Matthew Watkins Mon Mar 7 9:52pm


Yesterday i posted a Photoshop technique that i had just been introduced to called ‘Split RAW’. Well since posting that on FaceBook, i had another comment, by another photographer, this time a Finn. Explaining to me that the technique is a good one, but heres an better and much quicker one, and its not called anything….really. Its just to make use of the Local Adjustment Brush. He sent me a step by step diagram showing me exactly how to perform this. Top Bloke. And a top, top photographer.


Matthew Watkins Mon Mar 7 10:00pm