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Kalles Inn

Some homework for me. I say homework as I’ve been given the task of taking photographs of Kalles Inn for the new website. These are a few shots from my workplace Kalle’s Inn. Here is one of 4 restaurant buildings we have on the area. This is a traditional Lapland Kota building. Here we can seat up to 60 persons and there is overnight accommodation for 12 persons. The menu we mostly serve in this building is a Cream Soup of Finnish Chantarelle Mushrooms followed buy Finnish Salmon that’s roasted in front of the fire as you can see in the 4th image. For dessert we serve a Vanilla Creme brulee topped with Finnish Cloudberries. As of late i have been introducing more and more main dishes into the menu by roasting Wild Boar, Beef Inner Fillet, Moose Inner fillet and once a whole piglet for a medieval themed wedding! The roof of this building has small fiber optic lights that make up the star sky from the night it was built. The first and second image were taken on Aperture priority at f5.6-f8 using a Polorizer Filter. The third and forth images were taken on fully manual f8 at 40′ second.

The next image is another of the restaurant buildings on the area. This is a little special. It is shaped like a lighthouse! It has a Wood Burning aitokiuas Sauna that can sit 10 – 15 persons and a wood burning hot tub outside that can sit 8-10 persons. On the Third floor there is a restaurant that can sit 8-12 persons. This is the ideal place to spend the months of the midnight sun.

For the image i used an ND filter taken at f20 at 25 seconds plus a polarizing filter. Minor adjustments in Photoshop again and for my eyes, this image is perfect. How about yours?


Matthew Watkins Thur May 19 9:01pm


The Krisp Kalm Kvarken.

I finally get to post my images taken a few weeks back. There was no work for the weekend so what do we do? Pack up way too much stuff, and stay at our work place overnight. Well, it was Eurovision Night. Yeah, i know, how sad is that? Well its an excuse for the family to get together and laugh and joke and make fun of the artists performing! We arrived there pretty early in the day so i decided i would venture out to see what shots i could get. It was extremely still and the water was so calm! Here is a Google map shot From where i was shooting if your at all interested.

There are some great locations to shoot around this area and over the summer, i will hope to get as much done as i possibly can. OK , back to the photo’s. I love the effect on the water in these shots! Looks as if you can walk across it all the way to Sweden! These shots were taken around noon time using my Nd110 filter. I think I’m using this a little too much now but I’m really enjoying it! Only a slight Photoshop adjustment needed for each of these. I was using my polorizer filter along with the ND so i was ending up with a touch of vignetting only at the top of the image. So i just cropped out that if i did not want to use it and then just a slight exposure adjustment in each. Also, obviously, i processed 2 shots into black and white which I think work really well.

There’s enough chit chat now so time for the images! I would love to hear what you think off them in the comments section. Good or Bad, criticism is invaluable and much needed and appreciated!


Matthew Watkins Thur May 19 8:29pm

Good day for it mind!

Morning! Lovely day today! Just what i was hoping for as tonight, i will venture out into the wilderness (Vaasa) fully equipped with my Nikon D3000, Tripod, 10 stop ND filter and a flask. What will be in the flask is yet to be decided. I have a few different locations in mind and im hoping to cover at least 3 of these. They are all quite close to another so should not really cause a problem! I will post a Google Map Location of where i am shooting along with the pictures for reference! The only way i know how to do that at the moment is to take a screenshot with my iPhone 3gs and upload it as a picture and then use a browser link with it. If you are reading this and know of a different way to do so, then please share as i would be most grateful!

I am extremely excited about today’s project to be honest! It will be the first time i have used the Nd filter since its arrival! I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these! whatever the result today i will be posting, Bad or Good shots as its all about learning and practice! Also, i will make a video of my first time using this filter and post to my YouTube site which is in the links section of the blog.

As its my first time using the filter, i will be leaving prepared with my ND Calc app on the iPhone which, if you didn’t already know, calculates an exposure time for any given ND filters accurately. Hopefully it will help me out tonight if need be. Today the Sun rose at 5:37 am and will set at 9:27 pm giving us a total daylight time of 15 hours and 49 minuets and dusk will end at 10:25 pm. This should give me plenty of time with some great evening light when i set out at around 7:00 pm.

So hopefully you will check back for the shots from tonight. They might not be here for a few days but hopefully they will be worth the wait!


Matthew Watkins Mon May 2 9:41am

Another day, another sunset.

Yip. As the heading says. Another day, another sunset. Another sunset form the set i had posted a few days ago taken at Kalles Inn over looking the Gulf of Bothnia towards Sweden and the town of Umeå. Summer is slowly creeping in, and with that, The sun sticks around for approximately an extra 30 minuets a day. This was taken at Sunset around 8:50 pm over Easter. I have been lazy in my posts of late and the settings i used have been left out of the image post. So i think ill get back into the swing of things with this. Nikon D3000 18mm F16 2 second exposure. I used a little Photoshop in the final image just to brighten the image up and to lighten the foreground and lighthouse.


Matthew Watkins Sun May 1 11:01pm

Sunset and Sandwiches.

I’m not going to say too much for this post. The images say all i could ever try too. All i can say is that im happy i had the chance to post again. Ive had my hands full for the last few weeks so i have not really been inspired enough to post, or had good enough shots to post. But then came Easter. Along with some spare time. So off i went into the sunset, without ample clothing and without my sandwiches…..


Matthew Watkins Wed Apr 27 2:03pm

Cold Sunset Breakthrough




I have been hoping for a break in this creative laziness or lack of inspiration. Who would have guessed it would come in the form of shooting the sunset being way under dressed for the freezing conditions and to top it all off having the butt end of man flu for 2 weeks. But I pushed through and got out to do some shooting. These photos are from my iPhone and are not the finished products. They will be posted tomorrow with a splash of luck. I just needed to break the ice as I haven’t blogged for a while. Also this is my first post from my iPhone using wordpress iOS. And mite I say it’s been a cool easy experience….maybe a few more are needed. Oh well. Have a great day and check back for the sunset shots if you want too!