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Night Photography Fun

A little more Night Photography fun here for you. I love night photography. Find the object, set the camera, press the button, wait in excitement for the results!…What could be better? This first photo, is of a Fallen Birch Tree at work. It has been such a hard winter this year with incredible amounts of snow falling. This is a result of a snowstorm that occurred. The tree had split and fell over one of the area lights. Exposure was 8 seconds and at f16. Enjoy.

Next, is the church in Vaasa again. I have posted photos of this church on a previous blog post. But they were daytime captures and converted into black and white. This was a 20 second exposure at f16. Myself, i love the negative space between the tree and the church in this shot. This church has so many great angles and veiws, all that i have tried my best to capture, and hope to post up as the blog progresses.

Last one of the post. This is taken at the small harbor area near Strandgaten. It is overlooking the Restaurant Ship ‘Faros’. This restaurant has quite a lot of business throughout the summer months, not as an eating place, but as a drinking place. It is another long exposure, this time a 30 second f16 exposure. There are some traffic trails in the background from the main road leading to Sundom over Vasklot Bridge.


Matthew Watkins


No Entry and No Pass


This image is my favorite image, that i have taken in the 7 odd months that i have had my DSLR. This, is the reason why!, i have wanted one for so long! the ability to slow down time! This was taken looking up towards the town of  Vaasa. There is a set of traffic lights just up a bit, so i figured it was a great point to get some fantastic traffic trails! Its also a main road so i knew that there would be plenty of traffic! Its a 30 second exposure at f16. I love how crisp and cold everything looks! It was minus 18 that night though so no wonder there is snow stuck to the lampost! I really couldn’t have asked for some better traffic trails than this. Hope you like it! The image on the blog page, for some reason does not do it justice. Click on it to enlarge it for a better look. Enjoy!




So, if the first photo was looking up towards the town center, the next is looking in the opposite direction. This is the view of Vasklot Bridge leading to Sundom. It is also a 30 second exposure at f16. It is another image process that i love. Taking long exposures! To take these exposures, then it is ideal for the surroundings to be dark, or in other words, to be night time! Then you can get some great traffic trails if you are in a area that has traffic, or if not, your somewhere away from the hassle of the ‘city’ life, then its possible to get some great Star Trail shots. I will defiantly give them a shot, but not this year. I will wait till the winter months of January, February where the sun switches off for most of the day here in Finland. Perfect for long exposures! But, if the night is longer than the day in the winter, then the days are surely longer than the nights in the summer i hear someone say!….Yip. They sure are. Quite considerably too. So for that reason alone, i have searched out and purchased a filter. Not just any filter. A 10 stop ND filter. That will allow me to take these long exposures in the most sunny and light conditions! Needless to say im looking forward to giving it a shot! I wont go too much into the nitty gritty of it all, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words….so when i do get this picture, then youll know what im talking about! Hopefully…..






Matthew Watkins Thu Mar 31 9:07pm


Two more posts of the photos taken of the Academill building. Look great in black and white. It was a beautiful bright, blue skied sunny springs day, walking down by the sea front here in Vaasa. But the images just didn’t do it for me when they were in colour as much as the black and white ones do.


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 16 11:05am

Odd Fellows, Spiral Stairs and Snow Scooters dont mix.

3 images taken while out having a relaxing walk with the wife and daughter. I love to take photos of Snow Scooters, or Ski doo’s! There is such a nice shape to them, and different types of shading, when not covered in snow that is! They are fantastic to convert to HDR also. Not to much processing on this particular image of the Ski Doo’s, but just enough id say. The ‘Spiral Staircase’ shot is taken at the ‘Academill’ On Strandgatan Vaasa 65610. It used to be a Grain Mill, now has been converted into a University hence the name ‘Academill’. Cool huh? And then the first image is that of the Odd Fellows Building in Vaasa.


Matthew Watkins Tue Mar 15 11:26am

Manchester 2 Shot

I feel I’m taking a step backward with these 2 photos. They are from Manchester where i stayed for a few days on a family holiday, so i didn’t really get the camera out much. Just your usual Family stuff. But these are the 2 shots i could do something with, step forward or step backward, i just had to get them out of the system. A little HDR on both and a few touches here and there, not overly excited by them, but lets hope something good comes out of it….


Matthew Watkins Wed Mar 2 9:35 PM

‘Finger in the Cookie Jar’

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Cookies. Home made Cookies. There is nothing better. Especially these ones. Pecan nut and Milk chocolate cookies. These bad boys helped me gain 5kg over the Christmas holidays! But, they are my wife’s speciality….im just lucky that they taste so bloody good so I dont mind scoffing the whole batch the day they are made!….. Its cold outside today….AGAIN….around minus 20 something, and wont change for a long time! So i decided to take some pictures by the window in the morning sun of stuff i had lying around….and the cookies were just staring at me, not anymore mind as after the morning session, i ate the damn lot! Took this using my Nikon nifty 50, which is PERMANENTLY attached to my camera now. 1 / 30 of a second and at iso 100. However, this was such a simple shot when taken, just your every day picture. But its the shot that I’ve used Photoshop the most with. Finally figured out how to use the Burn tools and I think its been used pretty well here!….But, Sunday night tonight, which usually means movie night……” Wife, we need more cookies”……